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Oracle Card Readings

The oracle decks or cards have any number of cards per deck unlike tarot cards which have 78 cards, are organised in different suits, and are designed around a certain theme.

Rather than the structure of the deck, the oracle cards are designed to enhance your own intuition and “thinking abilities.”


"Oracle Card Readings are different from Tarot Readings.It doesn't mean you can not ask the same questions and receive guidance.It is a more freewheeling and accessible method of Divination for some. Where as for Tarot, except the knowledge that is required and studies for Tarot, there is also the connection to the Records for the insight."  

All in all, we are here to help you develop, to open your wings, to see what you cannot and beyond everything to inform you of your truth.

Oracle Card Reading Spread Offered

1)Your Daily Card  (By email with picture)
2) The Power of Three
3) Path of Glory


1 x 30 Mins Reading - €50​


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