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Services | Michael J Robey | | Mediumship Reading

Mediumship Reading

A Mediumship Reading will advise you on all matters of life and answer all your personal questions. e.g. Love, Luck, Career and Past Life.

1 x 30 Mins Reading - €50

1 x 60 Mins Reading - €100

Services | Michael J Robey | | Psychometry Reading

Psychometry Reading

Psychometry Photographic Reading by email for insights to yourself, your future, your love life or contact with your loved ones.

Via 1 Email  Reading - €50

Psychic gr - Reiki Symbol.jpg

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Energetic Healing, including Energetic Cord Cutting / Releases, Reiki Healing, Animal Reiki Healing, or House Clearing

1 x 60 Mins Session - €50

Channeling Course

Enhance all your five senses and sixth sense - extra sensory perception (ESP). Increase your awareness, psychic, telepathic and channeling abilities.

3 x 60 Mins Course - €250

Services | Michael J Robey | | Chakra Reading
Psychic  gr - Psychic Spiritual Counsell

Aura / Chakra Reading

Enlightening you to your aura and ten Chakras. The main ten Chakras are the energy centers in our bodies where energy flows.

1 x 60 Mins Reading - €100

Psychic Spiritual Counselling

A Psychic Spiritual Counselling will help and advice you about your current problems, lifestyle and your own spiritual development ,which may be of concern to you. 

1 x 30 Mins Reading - €50

1 x 60 Mins Reading - €100

Services | Michael J Robey | | Psychic Investigation Reading

Psychic Investigation Reading

Investigating crimes, missing persons and lost pets, using psychic mediumship abilities, including psychometry, telepathy, clairvoyance and remote viewing,

Via Consultation Deposit - €250 

Psychic gr - Reiki Symbol.jpg

Spiritual Healing

with Medical Intuitive

Spiritual Energetic Healing with Medical Intuitive.

1 x 60 Mins Session - €100

1 x 90 Mins Session - €130

1 x 120 Mins Session - €160 Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

Spiritual Development Course

Overcome personality defects & reduce ego. Gain higher levels of protection from spiritual distress. Achieve a healthier lifestyle through self-healing methods. Connect with the spiritual dimensions which affect your life.

3 x 60 Mins Course - €250

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