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Tarot and Oracle Reading Courses Offered By Beatrice 

Beatrice is a Hungarian born Tarot and Oracle Reader based in Greece for over a decade, who can offer Tarot and Oracle Reading Courses in English, Greek, Hungarian or Romanian. If you are searching for excellent training designed for your level of expertise then you've come to the right person. Here are list of courses on offer:

1) The Basics of Tarot 


Short History of Tarot. Choosing your own Tarot Deck (if you haven't already). Learn the Tarot Deck inside out and cleansing methods. Q&A's & exercises.

3 x 60 Mins Course - €250

2) Intermediate Course 


Looking into Numerology and Astrology and their use in Tarot.Shuffling methods. Learn some easy Spreads. Step by step procedures. Q&A's & exercises.

3 x 60 Mins Course - €300 

3) Advanced Course & Final Evaluation

Learn how Astrology applies to Tarot as well as Numerology Advanced Spreads. Q&A's & exercises and final evaluation.


4 x 60 Mins Course  - €400

4) Oracle Reading Course


Learn the benefits of Oracle Decks. How to choose your own Oracle Deck (if haven't already). How to cleanse your deck. 

Why journalling is important. How to connect to Source. Oracle Deck spreads. Q&A's Exercises and a short evaluation.


2 x 60 Mins Course - €200






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