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Beatrice is a Hungarian born Tarot and Oracle Reader based in Greece for over a decade, who can offer readings in English, Greek, Hungarian or Romanian. If you are searching for your inner truth or any other issues that you face or want to overcome then you've come to the right person.

"When I got involved with Tarot and Oracle it came from pure instinct and love. After the purchase of my first Tarot deck, which I still treat with respect, several Tarot decks came along and assisted me in this wonderful journey in helping others, developing their mind body and soul. Don't forget where one teaches, two learn.

As time passed, through practice and study I accumulated the knowledge and wisdom, which I can pass on to you today, I would like to share this with you all, by welcoming you to a wonderful journey." Beatrice


Tarot Card Readings 

Tarot beyond their magical power, has a very old philosophical, hermetical and archetypal power. The Tarot deck carries within all the knowledge of the universe. With revealing the Tarot spread, the reader has all the truth right in front of them. There is no lying or mocking the Tarot as it will mock you back, guaranteed.

All in all, Beatrice is here to help you develop, to open your wings, to see what you cannot and beyond everything to inform you of your truth.

Tarot Card Reading Spreads Offered 


Standard Tarot Readings

1 ) Love & Relationship
2 ) Career & Finances
3 ) Spirit & Soul Development

1 x 30 Mins Reading  - €50

Advanced Tarot Readings

1) Emperor
2) Inner Totem
3) Black & White

1 x 60 Mins Reading   - €100




Beatrice Covalcic


Tarot Oracle Readings And Courses

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