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I pride myself on my excellent services and ability to deliver impeccable results. If you want to get an idea of the experiences that my past clients have had, I recommend you take a look at the testimonials below. My clients trust me and have experienced the benefits of working with me. Contact me today and join my satisfied client list.

Latest  Clairvoyant Testimonials -

" Beautiful, good, honest man. Grounded and realistic, helped me understand that I need to connect with my own self and power. The vibe I got is that Michael is not doing it for the money but because he truly enjoys his job and keeps expanding and growing. Much love and gratefulness to him. Very interesting man" Manish Malak                                                                                                      

"One of the brightest Son's of Albion on my path. A living master, amazing spiritual teacher and student in One person.


He carefully listens and studies you with no essence of judgment. A very accurate advisor on many fields of existence.


A radiant spirit with great wisdom based on many life's experiences! It was a honour to meet you personally.


For me its a unforgettable precious memory from which comes real growth! Hope to meet you again soon. I'm already missing your great sense of humour.


I definitely  advise everyone who has lost anyone, confused or searching a spiritual elevation! Greetings from Belgium!"  Jarogniew Tomaszewski  

"Oh my i am so surprised how spot on you are 100% ! ... thank you so much . 
You are right about the Greek orthodox music .. i am very spiritual and have a strong connection to many saints & Greece.


I am a healer and yes thank you for validation about the orbs and light beings i always know they are there. Yes also i remove dark energies and find this to be very beneficial for people and also to release the entity .

Your very right about not worrying about the outcome i need to simplify things . Your words means a lot for me. 

Thank you for your reading . I will definitely have a reading in the near future. 

Blessings to you ".  Andrew 

"Michael was very accurate from the start. He said things which resonated and brought clarity to some things which had been holding me back for some time. 


He is gentle, kind and understanding and it is obvious that he has an authentic gift. Meeting with Michael has been the most comprehensive reading of my life. Thank you." Maria Dantos

We visited Greece this spring, and we had booked an appointment with Michael quite in the beginning. We did our reading together, which was good, we’re a couple standing very near to each other.

Sometimes you really need somebody who reminds you about the things that you actually have inside of yourself. We talked a lot about vibrations, so well-known, but many times forgotten. We discussed being free, not putting energy to fights you can’t win; however the ”results” of the fight will be, you still can’t win against Big Money and Authority... So, don’t let it take the energy. Become what you’re meant to be. And look after: do you do your decisions out of fear  -  or out of love?

After having met Michael, our trip was changed. We were reminded everywhere, we enjoyed, we discussed a lot. And we felt free. We still do. This was more than we ever could expect. We have done big changes and taken risks before, together. And now again, life keeps on changing. Thank you.
Marina and Leena Furubacka, Finland

"Thanks so much for your precious time and energy the other day and responding to 'My Call'  so quickly, which I truly appreciate.

You have reminded me of my need to 'polish up' my protection skills to preserve my energetics, I do not do this to 'overprotect' as my circuitry does not respond well to this.  Perhaps, I am too Open (just saw 11:11 ) and thought I could transcend through lower vibrations by being expansive within grace of my heart.  We are now making necessary adjustments and I am in presence with vibration of Lisa Renee..


I am doing my Pineal Gland Activator and drew the picture from listening to Drunvalo you tube video listened twice, to reinforce!) This is GREAT!!

Thanks so very much for this Brilliant Light Beam reminder.

I Now have my Lightening Rod of Source Energy pulsating in my hands when I feel like doing a Galactic Jedi Warrior Dance with Creation, such fun! 

I needed a re-direction pathway and you gave me this.. Thank you for your reminder of Still Point, my Success Point (or Sweet Spot!) as I call it, this is a true reminder, wholeheartedly.

Bless your Source of Kindness, thank you for Igniting a Catalystic Code within me to better preserve myself and my Call of Truth.

You are loved beyond measure."

Aurola Ra

"Hi, it took me some days to organize my thoughts, after our session, everything you pointed out of me was on the track of what was not clear in my mind. You are amazing, everything you said to me had a reasonable sense to what is blocking me out of my path, thank you for putting my life in the path of what my heart desires more. We all might hear read or even have the knowledge of what you taught me in just 1 hour. Thank you for making everything simple and helping me connect with myself through my heart. Hope the best for you my blessings with all respect. Hope to see you soon for me you gave me a guiding light in this path of chosen" 
Eleni Lazeni

"When I first met Michael I had know idea he was a medium, this is why I chose to have a reading with him. having a person who had kept his 'GIFT' to himself during our first meeting meant I felt he was more genuine. I had asked Michael to do a reading off the cuff following a social outing and he was happy to comply. 

The reading was carried out in a relaxed setting, he automatically put me at ease. Michael knew some things about my life but not much and I was surprised at how accurate he was. He told me about my family, the changes in my life now and what was on my mind and life experiences I'd had in the past. 

The reading is very much about now and guiding you through your current woes / thoughts. You will not be told about what will happen in 10 years time. I found the reading helpful, fascinating and enjoyable. " Rosie P

"Well what can I say about Michael Robey? I had a mediumship reading with him and I must admit that I was blown away. Michael knew nothing about me or who I was wanting to hear from and through his channeling he was able to reach my Father who had passed away 2 years ago.  It was a very emotional reading and I cried with happiness at some of the messages I was receiving from my Father, as he was the most funniest man ever and his personality was still shining through. 

He talked about when I was a little girl and apologised for being pig headed when he disagreed on some of my views and subjects to which he now confesses I was right!. He also told me that he was happy I had made the phone call to him the day before his passing, as he said he could not bring himself to phone me as he didn't tell me how serious his heart condition was. I was so happy to hear this as I remember (back then) somehow I was frantically trying to get hold of him, not understanding why at the time, but was so happy that I had managed to speak to him the day before his death, as I would have held a tremendous amount of grief and guilt for not having spoken to him for about a month prior to this. 

He also told me that when he passed over his Dad was there to get him. He said he felt like a little boy holding his Father's hand again and how safe and wonderful he felt. He also told me where he was at the moment and how he was reflecting on his life especially on the golf course. Yes, my Father was golf mad, but had to stop playing because of his heart, which made him relatively unhappy. 

There were many more things he communicated which took my breath away, in a way I've never experienced before. I feel so much more rested now as I miss my Father very much, and often wondered if he was where he should be and thanks to Michael's channeling I now know he is happy and safe.


My Grandfather and Grandmother also came through and I experienced so much love and affection from them and knowing that they are looking over me makes me feel not alone anymore.


For anyone thinking about having a reading or simply getting in touch with your loved ones in heaven, you will not be disappointed with Michael's ability to channel and may I add how comfortable Michael made me feel at the beginning, during and at the end of the session. He certainly has a beautiful way about him and an amazing talent.


I will definitely make another appointment with Michael some time in the future as and when I feel the need.... Cant wait!!!

Thank you so much Michael J Robey for a truly wonderful experience"  L McPhie

Short Testimonials - Readings

"Michael is an amazing psychic. I Highly recommend him!" Elle Cohen

"You reminded me of many things that I know already but forgot or need to remember, take action on.

I love the metaphor of being the candle, the light that lights up every one else's candle I light candles every day.

You are on my prayer list and I shall remember YOU SEND you love, light, healing, energy and wisdom"

Patsy Sweeney

"Thanks a lot for the reading, both me and my mom where really pleased with the service. It was an eye opener for a lot of things. It was also a confirm of things we thought we knew, that we now know. It felt really natural also to have the reading with you, it didn't start out as an awkward meeting with a stranger, it was more like a nice coffee with an old friend." Camilla Aulin Håbesland


"I had an email reading with Michael on the 20th June. The photo I sent was a picture of myself. Michael straightaway made contact with my dad who had passed on the 1st June, he described the image he saw which was 100% percent my dad, and described exactly the care I gave to him in the last couple of weeks of his life, this reading was so overwhelming, I have used Michael previously and certainly will again...."

“Hi Michael, thank you so much, very accurate reading, simply beautiful...I cannot take my eyes away from the picture, it is wonderful...your words are so true...Thank you again." Lisa Bradbury

" Your an awesome person.You priced very well and you have an extraordinary talent! Thank you for helping me see what changes I need to make in my life.


Your guidance will help me to bring the healing I've needed for so long! I definitely will recommend you and will seek out your counsel again in the future! I'm so happy to have met you!


Thank you for blessing and enriching my life ! "  Katina Kalogeropoulou


"Michael gave a reading to me and my husband. he was right on about my life as a Pleiadian and gave so many details. He was so accurate about everything. Also for my husband, he described so many details.


For both of us he described things perfectly, things we have gone through in our lives and even described our powerful spiritual partnership.


I highly recommend Michael to others for a reading. It was great.! And we made a new friend out of it, so we will be seeing a lot more of him"
Meredith Pavlidis

"Michael was really detailed about the item he read and provided useful information relating to it. As the item for the reading was a gift from an unknown source, it was not easy to find a reader able to do so long distance. There are some antique items that can be energetically cleared, and some with so much past it can't really be cleared to be used.

I am very happy and grateful for Michael's assistance and information so i can better decide how to handle this item. 

He provided its history which was more important than the specific name of the owner as the intent behind the item was more important to me than the specifics." Joanne H,


"It was my first experience of having a psychic reading. I can say definitely I have got more than I had expected. It’s not only that I had some of the questions I had in my mind were answered, also I had a mind opening conversation which leaded me to understand the spiritual world better.


The more you have time with Michael, the more you realise everything is connected. I definitely recommend you to have a session with Michael, if you like to discover more about yourself and the spiritual world."  Cihad E.

"I felt for the feeling of being in my Grandparents living room, this bought a deep sense of comfort to me.


He also said something has been hidden in the will, and I woke up this morning with a warning saying that the will is being testified. That kind of tiring nonsense that happens after someone has died.


It was comforting to talk to someone who made me see the bigger picture more clearly., and look for patterns of behaviour, rather than get lost in the loss." Anonymous

Thank you Michael for your guidance. When you talk and explain to me, it seems all to make clear sense and you are a very kind heart too , Very nice to tak to you thank you for everything. How did you get so clear with my reading?  I am shocked its bang on correct!



"Thanks so much!! As like last time you couldn't of got me any more spot on!! And everything you said couldn't be any more right! Thank you!! You are amazing and I will share your page with all my friends. X"  Michelle H


"Many thanks Michael for an extremely detailed, precise and insightful reading. You pinpointed my gifts and abilities, as they have progressed so far perfectly and were also spot on with the character traits and goals !!


Have to admit to being agog with anticipation re the "waves of passion" !! Bring it on. Would definitely recommend a reading from Michael. Much love, light and appreciation brother" AC


“Michael J Robey is a wonderful medium with unique ability to access one's energy and convey very accurate, gentle yet firm and honest information.   I am very grateful we passed paths. Thank you" Monika Kovacs


"Would like to thank Michael for a very accurate reading.  I could relate to everything he said and picked up on. Spot on! Would recommend, much appreciated." Louise N


 “I want to thank you so much for a spot on reading. It was amazing how brilliant it was and I am totally impressed with your abilities. Thank you so much, Sharon xxx Blessings with love and light.” Sharon Y

“Wow, thank you so much. I had tears running down my face. Just feel In life that not many get me and you got it in one. I am so so grateful honestly. Thank you, thank you xx” Shelly E

“Wow Michael, is wonderful!  It's really true! Thank a lot !!!! Many Blessings for you.” Caroline P

“Thank you Michael your reading was me to a tee thank you!! Couldn’t believe it was so right.” Geri Passmore

“Michael, massive thank you to you, spot on. Thank you for your time too xxx” Rachel V

 Testimonials - Spiritual Courses

I took a 3 x 1 hour course with Michael on channelling.  I found Michael to be:

1.  Very generous with his time - each session was way over 1 hour and closer to 2.
2.  Encouraging with his knowledge which resonated with the way that I understand things.
3.  Insightful with the feedback that he gave which was easy to accept whilst moving me forward in my own learning.
4.  Quite expectant in terms of nudging me or possibly shifting me forward quite quickly with the lessons that we had such that by the end of the 3 sessions I completed my own channelling session with a client completely unknown to me.  I never would have expected this from a 3 session course.
5.  The sessions were exciting as I could feel myself reaching within for answers and some of the answers that came were exhilarating because I didn't expect this in my first, second and third sessions.
6.  In each session, I grew tremendously and very naturally and I felt he was simply bringing forth what was already within me.
7.  I looked forward to each session with some trepidation but full acceptance that I was being led by a master.
8.  Michael's sessions allowed personal expansion, were very personal and insightful.  He has a relaxed easy way of teaching and brought out the desire to trust what was within me and to trust that the answers I was seeking would come.  He encouraged and reinforced an understanding that the answers were within if I would but ask and listen for the answer.

Really really worthwhile course.  So much so, that I want to do some more sessions to grow even further.  I did not expect that I would gain as much confidence as I did with the sessions.  I would recommend the course to anyone wanting rapid movement forward.

Thank you Michael.l I will contact you when ready for our next course.. Much gratitude Grace


Michael Sir, You are magic, talented and gifted, with a very high level of knowledge deep inside you. Your knowledge is shining within me, my chakras and mantras. You have not only taught me to believe in myself yet stay calm. The art of "Let It Go" comes easily to you, not all do. Yet you stood tall and firm on your beliefs and showed me positive happy results till now, in this very moment of my time in life today. I owe you more than you know."


"I am really grateful to the divine for giving me the chance of learning psychic reading from you . Your teachings help me in removing my doubts and in coming out of my challenges . Thanks a lot for guidance , after the sessions I'm feeling so confident . Gratitude in abundance. May you be blessed with all goods in life"  Monika Mahajan 

"My 2 hour session with Michael was very insightful with lots of information shared by him to better understand the inner workings for the questions I had. It is rare to find someone willing to share complex ideas in simple ways that were easy for me to understand.


There are times where we read ideas on a page and hit a plateau with the true understanding and application, unable to go any further with our current understanding and experiences, and Michael is able to help us break through.


It is an honour to be able to learn from Michael who is patient and experienced to explain and understand the questions I had. Thank you for your time and sharing, Michael, I look forward to our future sessions!" Joanne H.

“Deeper into the soul's truth through the healing of wounded aspects within. With a patient and dedicated heart the inner treasure lies. Thank you Michael” 

Monika Kovacs


"A new experience for me. I recommend it to all people who want, need, to enhance their senses."


"GREAT! Something very useful for women! Thank you Michael for this wonderful experience, I will come back for sure."


“A very interesting experience. An expertly guided meditation in the serenest environment that Athens could offer. It was a pleasure to meet a varied group of people with open hearts and minds. On a personal level I found this particular experience to be quite cathartic”


"After last week's session, I can't wait to learn more about how to tap into the body's hidden powers. Wouldn't miss it for the world, Michael."


'"As usual, very nice. Personally, I like martial arts. Soon I will become more clever than Lara Croft!"


"Fantastic!!! Very nice group of enlightened people, really helpful!!"


"Great! As usual. Feel I am making progress!"


"Loved the dance with the sticks!"


"IRRESISTIBLE! Loved the dancing part, the "blind" exercise... and lots of humor! Thank you! Nice to have met you girls too and see you all soon again!"


"Good for people who wish to learn about how to manage people energy... lots of good, positive energy... good self-defense technics..."  Irena Jeremijevic


“It was lovely to see some familiar faces again, and in that peaceful environment which I have a history with, being that I used to take my little girls there to play. I felt like I had made some really nice friends, people that I will look forward to meeting again.


The meditation session was both informing and creative; always going a little deeper, and if you are open to that journey it's a special opportunity. Thanks to Michael for devoting his time!” Tina Orfanos


“I must confess that, after proposing the topic of Emotional Healing to Michael, I did not know what to expect, and at some point felt concerned that it might prove one too difficult for someone who is not an "expert" on the subject. My concerns proved for naught.


Michael's clever, imaginative and  fun approach to our collective betterment proved inspired. I laughed, I danced, I cried and then I smiled a joyous smile as did we all with the help of our group's guru Quasimodo. May he find his Esmeralda, and us all, peace of mind and heart.” SAI


"A very interesting and enjoyable session. Thank you Michael.”  Panos K


"Veeeerry interesting this time!!!!!!!! As always, I exercised my powers of self exploration and came out a little more changed. It's so important to get to know yourself and these meditation sessions seem to be a medium for doing just that. Thank you Michael. Enjoy your Sunday."  Lena Bronsky


"Brilliant! A real eye opener about just how strong our minds really are."


"I actually experienced energy flow through my body and as I moved it expended outside all around me, and kept expanding reaching outside the building through the neighborhood.


During the lesson and after I've had a very strong sensation of emotional and physical well being. Definitely a must for anyone seeking spiritual growth through energy awareness."  Kalypso Stamatiadi


"Excellent for anyone wishing to explore their spiritual side and enhance their consciousness, certainly something that can only be beneficial in these difficult days."  Halina Karetas


"Coolest Yoda like instruction from the Master Sensei."  Pano K


"I loved it! It was like a dream come true. .always wanted to do it.. 'the energy way'..not the power way."  Costas Lambrapoulos


"After last week's session, I can't wait to learn more about how to tap into the body's hidden powers. Wouldn't miss it for the world, Michael."  Rosamund Whiting 


"I met Michael around April 2013.  I attended his Aikido class. He is a very professional and dedicated teacher but this was not for me.  While talking to him after class one time, I discovered he also led a class on meditation and channeling.  I actually have been meditating for the last 8 years so I knew what was involved.  The channeling was new.  As he explained it to me  I became intrigued.


I was able to attend several classes before summer began and I left on holiday. His guided meditation took me to an incredible depth, I had not encountered before.  The channeling was mind blowing, I was able to pick up 18 things out of 20. 


I have a new respect for my abilities now and for Michael's sensitivity and awareness.  If you are curious about your own innate abilities or have been  meditating for years and want to move into a higher level of awareness, Michael is truly a gifted and experienced guide."  Kathleen O'Neill